How to determine mobile or desktop in React

Updated: March 3, 2023 By: Augustus 2 comments

An easy solution to determine whether your React app is rendering on a mobile device or a computer is to use a library called react-device-detect.

A Complete Example


npm install react-device-detect --save

The code:

import React from "react";
import { isMobile } from "react-device-detect";

function App() {
  return (
    <div style={styles.container}>
      {isMobile ? <h2>Mobile</h2> : <h2>Desktop</h2>}

// just a little styling
const styles = {
  container: {
    display: 'flex',
    justifyContent: 'center',
    paddingTop: '15px'

export default App;

Check it out with the Chrome developer tool:

for the sake of brevity and ease of understanding, any unnecessary verbosity has been removed from the code.

If you want to trigger an update on window resizes instead of manually refreshing the browser as shown in the video above, then see this article: React + TypeScript: Re-render a Component on Window Resize (This is not required because, in practice, normal users won’t turn on Chrome’s dev tools and do as we do).


You’ve learned a simple and quick technique to detect mobile or desktop in React. If you’d like to explore more new and exciting stuff about modern front-end development, take a look at the following articles:

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krati agrawal
krati agrawal
2 years ago

I have a query, initially, it does not detect whether it is mobile or desktop, only after the refresh it detects. how can we resolve this?

A Goodman
A Goodman
2 years ago
Reply to  krati agrawal
Last edited 2 years ago by A Goodman

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