Merging 2 lists in Dart

July 2, 2020 Linda Walker

The List class of Dart provides the addAll method that helps you easily join 2 lists together; Example: Output:

How to round a number in Dart

July 2, 2020 Linda Walker

In order to round numbers in Dart, just use the round() method. Example: Output:

Flutter/Dart: How to generate random numbers between min and max

July 2, 2020 Linda Walker

The code snippet below shows you how to generate a random integer between a min and a max numbers. Output (the output, of course, is random, and will change each time you re-perform your code).

Flutter: How to remove the DEBUG banner on emulators

July 1, 2020 Goodman

This article shows you how to get rid of the ugly (just my personal thought) debug banner located in the top right corners of iOS/Android emulators when you are working with Flutter. The solution is quite…

How to insert 4K images in your WordPress posts

June 29, 2020 Linda Walker

After editing your php.ini file (some stuff similar to upload_max_filesize = 100M), you can upload big images but still can not insert them into your posts. Even if you select Full Size from the image size…

How to reset Docker Desktop

June 29, 2020 Goodman

To reset your Docker Desktop, just follow a few easy steps below. Warning: All your local containers and images will be destroyed, all your settings, including your sign-in information, will be cleared. 1. Open your Docker…

WordPress: Show related posts by tags

June 29, 2020 Ken Fisher

This article shows you how to display related posts by tags in WordPress. Place the following snippet in your single.php where you want the related posts to show up (a good spot is right below your…

ReactJS: Code an image portfolio gallery like Pinterest and Pixabay

June 23, 2020 Goodman

In this tutorial, we’ll create a beautiful, responsive image portfolio gallery like Pinterest and Pixabay. with an amazing library named react-masonry-component. Here’s what you will see at the end: Prerequisites To follow this tutorial, you will…

ReactJS: Get form input value with useState hook

June 22, 2020 Linda Walker

The simple example below shows you how to get the value from an input field in React. Example Create a brand new React app, delete everything in the App.js file, and add the code below: Try…

Completely remove Let’s Encrypt SSL cert(s) of a domain

June 22, 2020 Ken Fisher

In order to completely remove Let’s Encrypt SST/TLS certificates of a domain and all of its subdomains, just use SSH to connect to your server and run: Simple as that ๐Ÿ™‚

[Cloudflare] Fix errors when renewing Letโ€™s encrypt cert

June 21, 2020 Linda Walker

If you’re using both Cloudflare and Let’s Encrypt for your website, you may face an error in renewing your cert. The error message is similar to this: Let’s Fix It Fixing the mentioned error is quite…

How to see your MySQL version in macOS

June 20, 2020 Goodman

In order to check you MySQL version in macOS, just open the terminal and perform the following command: You’ll see something similar to this: Simple as that ๐Ÿ™‚

Python if/else/elif examples

June 20, 2020 Goodman

A few examples of how to use if/else/elif statements in Python. Important notes: Unlike other programming languages, Python doesn’t use brackets to separate block of code execution statements. Instead, it uses whitespace. The keyword โ€˜elifโ€™ is…

Python Hello World with VS Code

June 19, 2020 Goodman

In this short article, you will learn how to write your first lines of Python code and run them with the built-in terminal of the VS Code. Prerequisites: Make sure Python and VS Code already installed…

How to generate slugs from titles in Node.js

June 18, 2020 Linda Walker

A slug is the part of a URL that describes something about a webpage’s content. For example, we have a URL like this: Then the slug is: A slug often contains only some “friendly” characters in…

How to easily generate a random string in Node.js

June 18, 2020 Ken Fisher

This article introduces to you an easy way to generate random strings in Node.js using the randomBytes API provided by the crypto module (a built-in module and no installation required). The code: The output will look…

Cloudflare: How to enable HTTP/3

June 18, 2020 Goodman

This article shows you how to enable HTTP/3 for a website that using Cloudflare. Why HTTP/3? HTTP/3 is the third major version of the Hypertext Transfer Protocol that will replace HTTP and HTTP/2 in the future….

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