Axios: Passing Query Parameters in GET/POST Requests

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This quick and at-a-glance article shows you how to pass query parameters in a GET or POST request when using Axios, a very popular Javascript HTTP library.

Passing Query Params in a GET Request

Axios syntax for GET is:

axios.get(url: string, config?: AxiosRequestConfig<any> | undefined)

Therefore, you can add your query params object in the second argument, like so:

const res = await axios.get('', {
        params: {
          paramOne: 'one',
          paramTwo: 'two',
          paramThree: 'three',
          foo: 1,
          bar: 2,

It will make a GET request with 5 query params:

Passing Query Params in a POST Request

Axios syntax for POST is:
   url: string, 
   data?: {} | undefined, 
   config?: AxiosRequestConfig<{}> | undefined

So that you can send query params in a POST request through the third argument object, like this:

const res = await
          // data to sent to the server - post body
          // it can be an empty object
          // specify query parameters
          params: {
            paramOne: 'one',
            paramTwo: 'two',
            paramThree: 'three',

The code above will post an empty body with 3 query params:

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