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[WordPress] How to retrieve posts published in the last 7 days (or N days)

Saul Goodman October 30, 2019

This guide demonstrates how to get posts (pages, custom post type) that published in the last 7 days (one week) or 30 days (one month)…

How to disable categories in WordPress

Saul Goodman October 30, 2019

This guide demonstrates how to disable categories in WordPress. Add the following code to your functions.php. From now on, you won’t see “Categories” when adding…

WordPress cookie problem: Cannot modify header information

Saul Goodman October 29, 2019

When you use the setcookie() function in WordPress, there may be a warning like this: $_COOKIE still works but the warning is so annoying. Solution…

WordPress: Using wpdb to work with an external database

Saul Goodman October 28, 2019

This article shows you how to use the wpdb class in WordPress in order to retrieve data from an external database. From now on, you…

WordPress: How to change the login logo and its URL without a plugin

Saul Goodman September 15, 2019

By default, on the login page, the logo is WordPress logo and it links to home page. This can make your site look less…

Display related posts by tags in WordPress without plugin

Saul Goodman September 15, 2019

Put the code below where you want to display related posts in your single.php file.

WordPress: How to disable sidebar on mobile devices using PHP

Saul Goodman September 15, 2019

I think using CSS @media query to hide the sidebar is not a good idea because the sidebar content will still be loaded even it…

How to code a very simple WordPress plugin from scratch (2019)

Saul Goodman June 3, 2019

This tutorial will show you how to create a very simple and stupid WordPress plugin form scratch. Prerequisites: A WordPress website installed on your localhost…

How to reduce the default length of a post excerpt in WordPress

Saul Goodman May 19, 2019

The default length of the post excerpt in WordPress is 55 words. This seems too long if you display over 5 posts on the homepage,…

How to disable the Back To Top button in Newspaper WordPress theme

Saul Goodman May 14, 2019

This article teaches you how to hide the Back To Top (or Scroll To Top) button in Newspaper WordPress theme. First, log in to your…

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