2 Ways to Extend Types in TypeScript

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This short and straightforward article shows you a couple of different ways to extend a type in TypeScript. Without any further ado, let’s see the code.

Using the “extends” keyword


type TypeOne = {
  a: string;
  b: number;

type TypeTwo = {
  c: string;
  d: string;

// extend TypeOne
interface InterfaceOne extends TypeOne {
  e: string;
  f: number;

const x: InterfaceOne = {
  a: 'KindaCode.com',
  b: 1,
  e: 'e',
  f: 2,

// you can also extend multiple types at once
interface InterfaceTwo extends TypeOne, TypeTwo {
  g: string;

const y: InterfaceTwo = {
  a: 'a',
  b: 1,
  c: 'c',
  d: 'd',
  g: 'Welcome to KindaCode.com',

Using the “&” operator


type TypeA = {
    a1: string;
    a2: string;

type TypeB = {
    b1: string;
    b2: number;

// Extend TypeA
type TypeAExtended = TypeA & {
    a3: string;
    a4: number;

// Extend both TypeA and TypeB at the same time
type TypeC = TypeA & TypeB & {
    c1: string;
    c2: number;
    c3: boolean;

That’s it. Further reading:

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