Prevent VS Code from Auto Formatting Flutter/Dart Code

Last updated on August 19, 2022 A Goodman Loading... 2 comments

By default, VS Code (Visual Studio Code) will automatically format your code when you save a Dart file. In general, this feature is useful and automatically makes your code cleaner, and has a consistent arrangement. However, there might be cases where this thing doesn’t fit your need. In these situations, you can turn off that format-on-save feature. The steps below will show you how to achieve the goal.

1. Click on “Dart” which locates in the bottom bar of your VS Code window (you need to open a Dart file to see it):

2. Now, you’ll see a list of options. Select “Configure ‘Dart’ language based settings…” from the drop-down:

3. In the settings.json file, change “editor.formatOnSave” from “true” to “false”:

Save the file, and your setup is done.

Further reading:

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Josue Herrera
Josue Herrera
9 months ago

Works for me.
Thank you.

Luke Smith
Luke Smith
1 year ago

Nice, thanks 🙂

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