Next.js: Retrieve URL Params from Dynamic Routes

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You can extract segment data from a dynamic route in Next.js by using the useRouter hook. Let’s say the pages folder of a Next.js project has a structure as follows:

├── _app.js
├── api
├── index.js
└── users
    └── [uid].js

Then we can access a URL with a specific uid like so:


We can get uid and display it like this:

import { useRouter } from "next/router";

export default function User() {
  const router = useRouter();
  const query = router.query;

  const uid = query.uid;

  return (
    <div style={{ padding: 40 }}>
      <h1>User Page</h1>
      <h2>uid: {uid}</h2>


You can do the same with nested dynamic routes.

Further reading:

You can also check our React topic page and Next.js topic page for the latest tutorials and examples.

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