MongoDB: Get a Random Document from a Collection

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This short and straight-to-the-point post shows you how to randomly retrieve single or multiple documents from a collection in your MongoDB database by using the $sample aggregation.

1. To get a random document:

db.collectionName.aggregate([{ $sample: { size: 1 } }])

If you want to select multiple documents, then set size to an integer greater than 1. Note that in this case, $sample may output the same document more than once in its result set.

2. To get a random document that matches some conditions, use:

    { $match: { /* some conditions here */ } },
    { $sample: { size: 1 } }

For example, the following aggregation operation randomly selects a user with an age is more than 18:

      $match: { 
        age: {$gte: 18} 
    { $sample: { size: 1 } }

You can set size to a bigger integer to gain more documents.


Further reading:

Happy coding.

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