How to Create/Delete a Database with MongoDB Shell

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This short post demonstrates how to create and drop a MongoDB database by using the command line.

Creating a New Database

The “use [your database name]” command will create a new database if it doesn’t exist, otherwise, it will return the existing database.

1. Start the Mongo Shell by running the following command:


If you’re on a Mac or a Ubuntu server, you may need to add “sudo”:

sudo mongo

And enter your password to continue:

2. Let’s say I want to create a database called “kindacode_example”:

use kindacode_example


Removing a Database

The steps below show you how to delete a database.

1. Start the MongoDB shell by running:

// Or
sudo mongo

2. Select the database you want to remove:

use kindacode_example

3. Drop the selected database:


After it is deleted, you will see:

{ "ok" : 1 }


To make sure the desired database is now gone, run:


You will get a list of the remaining databases.

Further reading:

You can also check out our database topic page for the latest tutorials and examples.

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