How to Create a Fixed Sidebar with Tailwind CSS

Updated: May 8, 2022 By: A Goodman One comment

The example below shows you how to create a full-height fixed sidebar with Tailwind CSS.

We will be using fixed and top-0 (optional) and left-0 (optional) utility classes for the sidebar. Besides, in order to prevent the content area from being obscured by the sidebar, we must give this content area the margin-left equal to the width of the sidebar.

Example preview:

Note: If you’re using Safari, this demo video might not work nicely or not start at all. Please use Chrome, Edge, Firefox, or another web browser instead.

The code:

    <div class="flex">
        <aside class="w-44 fixed left-0 top-0 h-screen bg-slate-700 p-10">
            <h1 class="text-white text-4xl">Sidebar</h1>
        <main class="flex-1 ml-44">
            <div class="h-96 bg-amber-400 p-10">
                <h1 class="text-4xl">Top Content</h1>
            <div class="h-96 bg-white p-10">
                <h1 class="text-4xl">Middle Content</h1>
            <div class="h-96 bg-green-400 p-10">
                <h1 class="text-4xl">Middle Content</h1>
            <div class="h-96 bg-indigo-400 p-10">
                <h1 class="text-4xl">Last Content</h1>

That’s it. Further reading:

You can also check out our CSS category page for the latest tutorials and examples.

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