Category: Development

Gulp 4.x and PostCSS tutorial

Saul Goodman October 30, 2019

Go to your project directory. First, install the necessary packages by running: And: You can install more PostCSS plugins if you want. After that, create…

How to show all installed extensions in Visual Studio Code

Saul Goodman October 29, 2019

Simple as that.

How to delete a Facebook app created by yourself

Saul Goodman May 15, 2019

This article will teach you how to delete an app in your Facebook developer account. Be careful because you can’t get it back. First, go…

How to easily change your code font size in VS Code

Saul Goodman May 14, 2019

This article teaches you how to increase or reduce your code font size in VS Code. First, go to File > Preferences > Settings or…

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