VS Code: How to Disable/Enable Suggestions on Hover

February 8, 2023 A Goodman

This short guide shows you how to turn OFF (and ON as needed) the suggestion popup that automatically shows up when you mouse over your code in Visual Studio Code. The Steps 1. Go to: 2….

How to Customize Vertical Rulers in VS Code

February 8, 2023 A Goodman

This guide shows you how to customize vertical rulers in VS Code (Visual Studio Code). Just follow a few simple steps listed below. 1. Go to: 2. Type “Ruler” into the search field, then click on…

Prevent VS Code from Auto Formatting Flutter/Dart Code

August 19, 2022 A Goodman

By default, VS Code (Visual Studio Code) will automatically format your code when you save a Dart file. In general, this feature is useful and automatically makes your code cleaner, and has a consistent arrangement. However,…

VS Code: Making Comments in React and JSX

March 3, 2023 A Goodman

This article shows you a couple of different ways to comment out (and uncomment) a single line or a block of code in React and JSX. Using Keyboard Shortcuts If you are using VS Code (Visual…

VS Code: How to comment out a block of Python code

December 17, 2022 Napoleon

To comment out a line of code in Python, you can add a # before that line. So how to comment out a block of code in Python? If you have worked with some other programming…

Open Android emulator/ iOS simulator using VS Code

February 6, 2023 Augustus

If you’re working with Flutter or React Native, you can launch an iOS Simulator or an Android Emulator using VS Code (Visual Studio Code). 1. Go to View > Command Palette… or hit Command + Shift…

Visual Studio Code: Enable Word Wrap For All Files

February 9, 2022 Augustus

If you are tired of pressing Alt + Z (Windows) or Option + Z (macOS) each time you want to turn on Word Wrap in Visual Studio Code, the steps listed below will help you. 1….

Change the Auto Save Delay in Visual Studio Code

February 9, 2022 Guest Contributor

Done. Your changes will be automatically saved. Further reading: 2 ways to check your VS Code version VS Code: Prevent Single-Child Folders from Being Merged VS Code: How to Hide/Show the Mini Map Open Android emulator/…

How to toggle Auto Save in VS Code

February 9, 2022 A Goodman

To turn on or turn off the Auto Save feature in Visual Studio Code, go to File and click on Auto Save from the drop-down menu: The steps are completely the same in Windows and macOS….

How to reset VS Code to the default settings

February 8, 2022 A Goodman

This is a guide on how to reset VS Code (Visual Studio Code) to the default settings for both Windows and macOS users. The Steps 1. Go to View > Command Palette or press Cmd +…

How to launch VS Code using command line

January 26, 2022 A Goodman

This article shows you how to add code to the path in Windows and macOS so that you can launch the VS Code (Visual Studio Code) in any directory just by running: Demo: You can also…

How to change font size in VS Code

February 9, 2022 Napoleon

This concise article shows you 2 different ways to increase or decrease the font size in VS Code (Visual Studio Code). Method 1: Using hotkeys For macOS users: Press “Cmd” + “+” to increase the font…

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