How to use Ant Design in a Next.js project

March 19, 2022 A Goodman

Next.js is a React framework that is used to build fast, high-performance, hybrid static and server-side rendering web applications. Ant Design is a UI library that provides a lot of pre-made React components like Button, DatePicker,…

How to use Font Awesome with Next.js

January 26, 2022 Napoleon

The example below shows you how to use Font Awesome 5 with Next.js. 1. Create a new Next.js project then install the required packages: 2. Edit the page/_app.js file (create one if it doesn’t exist): Note…

How to add Favicon to a Next.js app

March 19, 2022 A Goodman

This article shows you how to add a favicon (in general, the file extension of a favicon is .ico or .png) into a Next.js project through a few easy steps listed below. Step 1: Copy your…

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