2 Ways to Use Custom Port in React (create-react-app)

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By default, a React project created with create-react-app will run on port 3000. However, you can change the port number to another number you like. This article shows you 2 different ways to achieve it.

Using ENV FIle

Create a new file named .env in the root directory of your project and declare your desired port with it:


Note: A custom port must be a number >=0 and < 65536.


Now run your project by executing the following command:

npm start

You will see this:

Modifying the Package.json File

Open your package.json file, head to the scripts block, then edit the following line:

"start": "react-scripts start",

If you’re on a Mac, change it to:

"start": "PORT=9999 react-scripts start",

If you’re using Windows, use this:

"start": "set PORT=20000 && react-scripts start",


Now you’re good to go.


We’ve covered a couple of different approaches to running a React project on a custom port. If you’d like to explore more about modern React and frontend development, take a look at the following articles:

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