Useful Settings for Google Colab You Should Know

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This article will introduce you to some useful tips when writing and running code on Google Colab. Your work and research will be a little faster, a little more comfortable, a little more pleasant.

Dark Mode and Light Mode

Light Mode is suitable for working in a well-lit environment. Dark Mode will help you save energy, limit eye strain and suitable for working at night. Colab now supports both.

1. Go to “Settings”.

2. Select “Site” > “Theme” and choose your favorite one.

3. Save your change and check the result.


Be aware that you should only use GPU or TPU on Colab when absolutely necessary.

1. Go to “Runtime” > “Change runtime type”

2. Choose your hardware accelerator then click the “Save” button. Currently there are three options: None (standard), GPU, and TPU.

3. Once you connect to the hosted runtime, you can see your resouce as shown in the screenshot below:

Connecting to your Google Drive

You can connect Colab to your Drive to quickly use your datasets and files stored there.

1. Navigate to “Files” > “Drive” from the left sidebar.

2. Select “Connect to Google Dirve”.

3. Now you’ll see “MyDrive” listed on the sidebar. Here’s mine:

Wrapping Up

We’ve gone over some useful settings that will help us a lot when using Google Colab. If you’d like to explore more about Python and Machine Learning, take a look at the following articles:

You can also check out our Machine Learning category page or Python category page for more tutorials and examples.

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