React Native: 3 best libraries for navigation and routing

Last updated on March 31, 2021 A Goodman Loading... Post a comment

3 great libraries for navigation and routing in your React Native mobile apps.

React Navigation

React Navigation is widely used, well documented and I personally like this one the most. It delivers out-of-the-box, pre-styling navigators such as Stack Navigator, Bottom Tab… You can also customize or extend any part of React Navigation to fit your needs.

React Native Navigation by Wix

React native navigation by Wix gives your React Native apps the real native feel. The Javascript APIs are simple and cross-platform.

React Router Native

If you are a web developer or an ex web developer and familiar with both ReactJS and react-router-dom, then react-router-native is for you. This library is super easy to use and you can start building your app routing system in minutes without spending hours reading the docs like when using React Navigation or React Native Navigation by Wix.

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