Great Plugins to Easily Create Animations in Flutter

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Animation effects in mobile apps are very common. However, implementing them sometimes consumes a lot of time and effort of developers. This article will introduce you a list of great open-source animation packages for Flutter to make our lives much easier.


  • Pub Likes: 2450+
  • GitHub Stars: 1k+
  • License: BSD
  • Links: GitHub | Pub

This library provides a lot of pre-made animations for the vast majority of common use cases, can be divided into four main pillars:

  • Container transform: Used for transitions between UI elements that include a container.
  • Shared axis: Used for transitions between UI elements that have a spatial or navigational relationship.
  • Fade through: Used for transitions between UI elements that do not have a strong relationship to each other.
  • Fade: Used for UI elements that enter or exit within the bounds of the screen, such as a dialog that fades in the center of the screen.


  • Pub Likes: 1460+
  • License: MIT
  • Links: Pub

This awesome plugin has the following groups of animation effects:

  • Fade animations: FadeIn, FadeInDown, FadeInDownBig, FadeInUp, FadeInLeft, FadeInRight…
  • FadeOut animations: FadeOut, FadeOutDown, FadeOutUp, FadeOutLeft…
  • BounceIn animations: BounceInDown, BounceInUp, BounceInleft, BounceInRight
  • ElasticIn animations: ElasticIn, ElasticInDown…
  • SlideIns animations: SlideInDown, SlideInUp…
  • FlipIn animations: FlipinX, FlipinY
  • Zooms: ZoomIn ZoomOut
  • SpecialIn animations: JelloIn
  • Attention Seeker: Bounce, Flash, Pulse, Swing, Spin, Dance, Roulette, SpinPerfect


  • Pub Likes: 1450+
  • GitHub Stars: 2.2k+
  • License: MIT
  • Links: GitHub | Pub

This package provides a huge collection of spin effects that can be used to create loading indicators or other purposes.


  • Pub Likes: 410+
  • GitHub Stars: 190+
  • License: MIT
  • Links: GitHub | Pub

This plugin helps you easily and quickly implement animation effects for crollable widgets


  • Pub Likes: 305+
  • GitHub Stars: 220+
  • License: BSD
  • Links: GitHub | Pub

This package helps you easily create flip card animation that can be used in some puzzle, educational, or e-commerce applications.


We’ve gone over the list of most popular and useful open-source packages to quickly make animations in Flutter. Continue exploring more new and interesting stuff by taking a look at the following articles:

You can also take a tour around our Flutter topic page, or Dart topic page for the latest tutorials and examples.

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