Javascript: Count the occurrences of each word in a string

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The example below shows you how to count the occurrences of each word in a given sentence in Javascript. The result will be an object where each key is a word and the value is the number of occurrences of the corresponding word, like this:

  'word1': 2,
  'word2': 1,
   /* ... */

Example code (with explanation):

// define the function for reuse later
function countWordOccurrences(input) {
  // initialize the result object
  const result = {};

  // create an array from the input
  const arr = input.split(' ');
  // loop through the array
  for(word of arr) {
    // if the word is already in the result object, increment the count
    if(result[word]) {
    } else {
      // otherwise, add the word to the result object with a count of 1
      result[word] = 1;
  return result;

// try the function
console.log(countWordOccurrences('The brown dog jumped over the lazy dog when the brown fox was sleeping'));


  The: 1,
  brown: 2,
  dog: 2,
  fox: 1,
  jumped: 1,
  lazy: 1,
  over: 1,
  sleeping: 1,
  the: 2,
  was: 1,
  when: 1

Counting the occurrences of a specific word/substring

In case you want to count the occurrences of a specific substring in the parent string, do like the following example:

// define a reusable function
function countOccurrences(string, substring) {
  var n = 0;
  var position = 0;
  while (true) {
    position = string.indexOf(substring, position);
    if (position != -1) {
      position += substring.length;
    } else {
  return n;

// test it
console.log(countOccurrences("a pan of bananas", "an")); 




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