How to slow down internet speed on Android Emulator

Updated: March 15, 2022 By: A Goodman Post a comment

This article shows you how to slow down the internet speed on an Android emulator to fit your testing purposes.

1. Launch your Android emulator then click the three-dot symbol on the toolbar:

2. Select “Cellular” from the left-hand menu then change “Network type” and “Signal strength”. I personally think “UMTS” (3G) and “Poor” are good if you want to see how your app works under a slow internet connection.


                  UP(KBps) DOWN (KBps)
                  -------- ----------
gsm   GSM/CSD         14.4       14.4
hscsd HSCSD           14.4       57.6
gprs  GPRS            28.8       57.6
umts  UMTS/3G        384.0      384.0
edge  EDGE/EGPRS     473.6      473.6
hsdpa HSDPA         5760.0   13,980.0
lte   LTE         58,000.0  173,000.0
evdo  EVDO        75,000.0  280,000.0
full  No limit           ∞          ∞

Hope this helps. Further reading:

Happy coding and have a nice day.

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