How to disable post tag in WordPress

Last updated on October 21, 2022 A Goodman Loading... 2 comments

You can easily disable post tags in WordPress by adding the code below into your functions.php:

add_action('init', function(){
    register_taxonomy('post_tag', []);

From now on, you will no longer see the Tags submenu inside the Posts menu on the left sidebar. You will also see the Tags field when adding a new or editing an existing post.

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8 months ago

It would be interessting to have this depending on the role
1 month ago
Reply to  Tom

I agree, tags are handy sometimes, but most of the time create huge bloat and destroy a sites SEO. I can see why first time bloggers use them but they are the worst part of WP imo from a technical SEO point of view. Second only to attachment URLs

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