How to change the Theme in Xcode 12

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A theme in Xcode is a combination of background color, text color, font family, font style, cursor style, etc. Many people like dark themes but other ones prefer light themes or a pale yellow theme. This article shows you how to switch between themes or customize your own theme in Xcode 12.

1. Launch your Xcode and go to Xcode > Preferences…

2. Select the Themes tab from the top menu bar.

3. Pick a pre-made theme from the left-hand sidebar if you want to save your time.

4. If you want to edit the current theme to fit your need, just take a look at the lower section. Here you can change the font style, background color, the cursor style…

Note: To safely edit a theme, you should clone it. In order to clone a theme, you can click the plus button in the bottom left corner.

That’s it. Happy coding 🙂

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