How to change font size in VS Code

Updated: September 1, 2023 By: Napoleon 4 comments

This concise article shows you 2 different ways to increase or decrease the font size in VS Code (Visual Studio Code).

Method 1: Using hotkeys

For macOS users:

  • Press Cmd + + to increase the font size
  • Press Cmd + - to decrease the font size

For Windows users:

  • Press Ctrl + + to increase the font size
  • Press Ctrl + - to decrease the font size

Note: This approach changes both the code and the UI font size. If you only want to change the code font size and keep the UI font size, check the second method.

Method 2: Using GUI (Graphic User Interface)

1. Launch your VS Code and go to:

  • Code > Settings... > Settings if you’re using macOS (shortcuts: Cmd + ,).
  • File > Preferences > Settings in case you’re using Windows (hotkeys: Ctrl + ,)

2. Select Text Editor > Font from the left-hand menu and head to the Font Size section (see the screenshot below for more clarity):

Enter your font size number into the box. Your change will automatically be saved and applied.

Note: This method doesn’t affect the UI text size.

Further reading:

You can also check out our Visual Studio Code topic page for more tips and tricks to improve your producibility and coding experience.

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Eduardo Chaves
Eduardo Chaves
1 year ago

Is there how i can set a shortcut to this vscode setting?

A Goodman
A Goodman
1 year ago
Reply to  Eduardo Chaves

Yes. There is.

2 years ago

Thank you! It works very well.

This is the best answer in google search results also. =)

A Goodman
A Goodman
2 years ago

You’re welcome 🤓

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