Dart: 2 Ways to Calculate the Power of a Number (Exponentiation)

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This concise and code-focused article shows you 2 different ways to find the power of a given number in Dart.

Using the pow() method

The pow() method from the math library (a built-in library of Dart) can be used for exponentiation. It takes two arguments: base and exponent. Here’s the syntax:

result = pow(base, exponent)

base and exponent can be integers or doubles, positive or negative, or zero.


import 'dart:math';

void main() {
  var result1 = pow(2, 3);
  var result2 = pow(-3, 3);
  var result3 = pow(1.5, 1.5);

  print('Result 1: $result1');
  print('Result 2: $result2');
  print('Result 3: $result3');


Result 1: 8
Result 2: -27
Result 3: 1.8371173070873836

Using a loop

Although the preceding approach is good and recommended, we still add this method for your reference.


This example calculate the power of 5 to the 3rd power:

void main() {
  int result = 1;
  for (int i = 0; i < 3; i++) {
    result *= 5;




The limitation of this approach is that the exponent number must be a positive integer.

Further reading:

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rajpal singh hada
rajpal singh hada
4 months ago

it is a very useful code for me thanks sir

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