Dart regex to validate US/CA phone numbers

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Validating phone numbers is a common task when making Flutter applications. Before sending an SMS with a verification code (that usually costs real money), we should implement some basic checks.

In this article, we’ll use a regular expression pattern to validate the United States and Canada phone numbers that match the following formats:

(123) 456 789
+01 (123) 456 7890
+1 123 456 7890
123 456 7890

The phone regex pattern

Here’s the phone regex pattern used in our Dart code:



  • ^(\+0?1\s)?: Check international code
  • ((\d{3})|(\(\d{3}\)))?: Check area code
  • (\s|-): Check separator (whitespace, dash)
  • \d{3}: Check the 3 middle digits
  • (\s|-): Check separator (whitespace, dash)
  • \d{4}$: Check the last 4 digits


The code:

// Define a function that is reusable
void _check(String input) {
  final RegExp phone =
  if (phone.hasMatch(input)) {
    print('$input is valid');
  } else {
    print('$input is not valid');

// Test it
void main() {
  _check('+01 (123) 456 7890');
  _check('123 456 7890');
  _check('123 456-7890');
  _check('(123) 456-7890');
  _check('123 4432 234');


+01 (123) 456 7890 is valid
123 456 7890 is valid
123 456-7890 is valid
(123) 456-7890 is valid
123-456-7890 is valid
123 4432 234 is not valid

Final Words

Our solution is good enough for client-side checking, but it isn’t perfect. Writing a perfect regex pattern that works in any situation is super challenging, even with common stuff like phone numbers or emails… It will take you a lot of time and effort and maybe reduce the application performance.

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