AWS Lightsail: Let’s Encrypt error

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When setting up a server with AWS Lightsail, you might run into a big problem.

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After installing Let’s Encrypt without errors, you could not access your website with the https URL.

Don’t be panic. This happens to every AWS Lightsail instance, not only yours. The reason is that port 443 is disabled by default and you have to open it.


Fixing the issue mentioned above is quite simple. Just follow a few steps below.

1. Go to your instance page and click “Networking”.

2. Click “+ Add rule” (You can see only 2 ports are working and port 443 isn’t).

3. Click on the drop-down then select “HTTPS”. After that, click “Create” (don’t check the box next to “Restrict to IP address”).

4. Now you can see a new row listed in the Firewall section. Try your website with https and relax 😎

That’s it. Further reading:

Have a nice day and happy coding!

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